Examine Your Conscience

 In this activity you will reflect on the things you do that are sins. You will also consider the good things you have done, as well as what things keep us from doing good. You will also learn the meaning of the conscience.

For this activity you will need your Bible.

READ: Luke 6:35-36. Give examples of how God loves you and how you show love for others. 

DISCUSS: As a family discuss the meaning of the word "conscience" (our inner voice). You listen to the voice inside you that tells you the difference between right and wrong.

GO OVER: As a family go over the Thinking About My Actions sheet. Suggest that you all listen to your own inner voice.

EXPLAIN: That when it is time to go to confession these are actions that need to be confessed.

  • Example: #6 - Do I care for creation? You might want to explain: if they drop a candy wrapper on the ground and don't pick it up and throw it in the trash...that is a sin because that is not caring for God's creation by littering.

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